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A Must Do for Kauai

If you’re considering a vacation to the beautiful Garden Isle of Kauai, then don’t miss out on one of the most fantastic ways to see the Island completely. I highly recommend a one hour tour with Jack Harter Helicopters. Although a little pricey, it’s highly worth it and if you’re lucky enough to get picked for the front seat, even better! (they base this on all the passengers weights and heights). If you’re an avid photographer and don’t mind the breeze, opt for the “doors off” tour. If you want comfort go with the standard. (I took really great pics with my iPhone even through the glass)

The pilot will give you an incredible narration on the history, topography, geography and features of the Island. The topper is they take you right into a crater which is surrounded by waterfalls. It’s amazing! I recommend taking the tour early on in your vacation, that way you can see some of the hikes you may want to do or areas you may want to visit. (also, if it’s bad weather they won’t fly that day, so you will have time to re-schedule this way)

~ Aloha